Date: 14 April 2024 ، the watch 06:51
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Mobarakeh Steel Co. Public Relations Manager's note:

Mobarakeh Steel Co. record holder in quantitative and qualitative production

me-metals: In one or two years ago, steelmakers and industrialists of Islamic Republic of Iran, with their will and effort, were able to achieve the highest annual growth of steel production in the top ten countries of the world and rank as the tenth producer of steel, and in the meantime, out of the total steel produced in the country In 2023, Mobarakeh Steel Group is the largest producer of raw steel in Iran and the record producer in the country with the production of 10.2 million tons.

According to me-metals, the achievements and accomplishments of Mobarakeh Steel Co. in recent years in creating knowledge, wealth and added value for Islamic Republic of Iran is the best test to evaluate the performance of this economic enterprise. A successful company born of the Islamic and industrial revolution, which is a leader and driver, and more than 5 thousand industrial units are suppliers and buyers of its products, and it has provided employment for nearly 380 thousand people of our countrymen.

Quantitative and qualitative increase in production and more diversity in the production of special value-added products and acceleration in the implementation of development projects have been the strategy and concern of the Mobarakeh Steel Co. craftsmen in recent years, and fortunately, the record of Mobarakeh Steel Co. confirms the fact that this company achieves its goals and the vision itself has been successful.

The production of 12 special and new products, including the mass production of stainless steel slabs and the production of steels used in the oil and sour gas environment, were the most important achievements of Mobarakeh Steel Co. in last year, which were added to the company's product portfolio, and due to the naming of the new year as the year of "Production Leap with People's Participation", it is expected that with the participation and empathy of all colleagues, suppliers and contractors of this group, we will see more quantitative and qualitative achievements this year.

The forecast of the situation of steel in the new year shows that despite the increase in the rate of energy carriers and inputs, we have seen a decrease in global prices, and in this context, the government has promised to cooperate in providing the currency needed by the industry and providing export incentives to industrial and commercial activists.

In the new year, Mobarakeh Steel Co. has on its agenda the implementation of large projects for the construction of hot rolling mill No. 2 and solar and wind power plants, and with the implementation of self-sufficiency and balanced development measures, the operation of the second phase of the 914 MW combined cycle power plant is on its agenda and is looking for improving the level of activities related to the social responsibilities of the company throughout Islamic Republic of Iran.

In this path, whose main aim is to create a better future for Islamic Republic of Iran, the variety of production of special products with greater added value and acceleration in the implementation of development projects, increasing foreign exchange, productivity management, cost management, waste reduction, optimal use of resources, quantitative and qualitative increase, more economical production is among the most important concerns of this company this year.

Achieving the desired goals and visions of Mobarakeh Steel Group was possible due to the reliance on the will and effort of wealthy people and the planning of the policy makers and managers of the company, and this company is always thankful and grateful for the sacrifices of great men who sacrificed their lives in various scenes of the Islamic Revolution. They protected their property, reputation, identity and ideals of this revolution. In this article, it is appropriate to mention the burial of two unknown martyrs of the holy defense era on 14 April 2013 at Mobarakeh Steel Company. The children of this country are ready and eager to sacrifice and strive for the greatness of Islamic Iran in all fields.

Mohammad Javad Barati

Head of Public Relations of Mobarakeh Steel Group