Date: 06 May 2024 ، the watch 18:46
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Presenting the capabilities and export achievements of Mobarakeh Steel in the biggest construction event in Oman

The 19th construction and decoration exhibition of Oman, with the presence of Mobarakeh Steel , along with Atieh Foulad Holding and Taraz Steel, from Mobarakeh Steel Group companies, was held from May 10th to 12th at the permanent location of international exhibitions in Muscat, Oman, at the same time as the design and construction industry week of this country and during which these companies displayed their latest achievements.

According to Me-Metals, this exhibition, which is considered one of the biggest and most important events in the field of architecture and construction, introduces the latest new construction technologies, aluminum, steel and metal structures, real estate, and the construction and architecture industry in the Middle East and global markets. It feeds

Mobarakeh Steel Company, as the largest steel manufacturer in Mena region, with the aim of developing export markets and earning foreign currency for the country, appeared in this exhibition and introduced its products.
Musa Farhang, Iran's Ambassador to Oman, while attending the Mobarakeh Steel booth, said: This exhibition is a good opportunity for some prestigious and top Iranian brands to introduce their products. In the meantime, Mobarakeh Steel is one of the prominent brands that introduces its products to other countries and companies present in the exhibition as one of the Iranian brands in every economic event and especially in such exhibitions.

He emphasized: honestly, the quality of the work and products of Mobarakeh Steel inside and in the field of regional and international exports has made this company unnecessary from any advertising. However, the latest achievements and products of this company were introduced to the visitors in the exhibition with the presence of managers and relevant experts of this company.

It should be mentioned that in this exhibition, the CEO of Mobarakeh Steel along with the vice presidents of sales, economic and finance, and investment and corporate affairs, while attending the company's booth, discussed and exchanged opinions with some of the senior managers of the companies present in the exhibition and the visitors about investment and export opportunities.