Date: 17 July 2023 ، the watch 15:21
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until the horizon of 1404;

216 thousand billion tomans of investment is targeted/ 10 times growth of Mobarakeh Steel Co.

The CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Co. said: Considering the 10-fold growth compared to 2019, the goal of Mobarakeh Steel is to invest 216 thousand billion tomans by the horizon of 1404.

Mohammad Yaser Tayebnia stated that Mobarakeh Steel is a development company and said: the growth of this company in 1991 was 10 times the growth of 2019 and in order to achieve the target of 216 thousand billion tomans by 1994, we were able to key the hot rolling project. 10% progress has been achieved so far.

He added: The 900 megawatt combined cycle power plant, which was launched in February 1400, has also grown by 78 percent, and it is hoped that its first phase will be put into operation by July, and about two thousand megawatt power plants and two gas fields are also under construction.

Mobarakeh Steel's Job creation 

The CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Company stated that the presence of Mobarakeh Steel Company in Isfahan province has caused direct and indirect employment and the activation of thousands of supplier companies. It generates income and can turn Isfahan into a center of innovation and knowledge.

Stating that we have placed orders worth five thousand billion tomans with more than 600 knowledge-based companies in the field of steel industry during the past year, Tayebnia said: "The development of new products is one of the important achievements of Mobarakeh Steel, that we were able to supply 14 new products to Mobarakeh Steel.

" Let's add and one of the most important of them is stainless steel sheet. Emphasizing that the production of this product was done without the presence of even a foreign expert in the country, he said: This year, this product will reach mass production.

A wave of anti-industrialism

The CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Company stated that there is a wave of conflict between industry and production in the country and said: This originates from the enemy and ignorant friends also accompany it and attribute the increase in the price of cars and household appliances to the increase in the price of steel, but saving the economy The development of the industry can happen in the country.

Announcing the announcement of the sale of Fajar, Tayebnia said: "In Mobarakeh Steel, we have built on quantitative, qualitative and balanced development, which is why we are turning Amirkabir Kashan (Fajar) Company, which has reached sufficient maturity, into a kind of capital and its valuable share We use it in other departments.

He further said: "Thousands of pieces have been localized in Mobarake steel, which has saved more than three billion dollars in foreign currency over the past decade." Regarding the development of employment in Mobarake Steel, he said: Despite the employment of 3,000 people, we are trying to hire another 1,140 people and with further development, we will increase this number to 6,500 people.