Date: 21 August 2023 ، the watch 21:55
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Successful completion of renovation operation of acid washing line No. 1 of Mobarakeh Steel

At the same time as the renovation of the first phase of the renovation of the first phase of Mobarakeh Steel's cold-rolled five-rack tandem line, the 15-day shutdown project of acid washing line No. 1 of this area was also started, and in addition to the renovation of many parts of this production line, other benefits such as line optimization, consolidation and continuity of quantitative production and brought the quality and promotion of environmental processes.

In this context, some managers, officials and operators of these special and effective repairs said in an interview:

Mohsen Staki, director of Mobarakeh Steel's cold products, stated: The number one acid washing line at the entrance of the cold rolling area is responsible for deoxidizing and preparing the sheet for subsequent cold rolling processes or direct sales. The products of this unit feed the cold cycle, tinned, galvanized and colored. This line uses old immersion technology for deoxidation.

He added: due to the fact that the coils of the rolling lines are fed from the acid washing lines, it has not been possible to have a long-term annual stoppage in these lines until now. But fortunately, with the support of the senior management of the organization, the opportunity to stop was created due to the revamp of the first stage of the tandem line, and with the help of the production planning management for the introduction of flow material in the lines of the cold rolling area and the preparations that had been made in the previous months, a fifteen-day stoppage was made possible for acid washing line number one. and with the cooperation and coordination of the support units and other Mobarakeh steel units, the maximum use of this stop was made.

Staki stated: With the hard work and efforts of the acid washing unit staff and with the help and companionship of other related support units, during this repair operation, various works were successfully completed and provided the conditions to reach the set goals. The director of Mobarakehh Cold Products stated: Some of the goals achieved in this repair operation are: optimization, consolidation of continuous quantitative and qualitative production of this unit and improvement of environmental conditions; increase unit safety; localization of equipment, including stringing basins and washing basins; reducing emergency stops; Increasing employee satisfaction and reducing water and energy consumption.

Hossein Dastani, the head of the acid washing unit, stated: Considering the state of wear and tear of the equipment and in order to ensure and maintain the continuity of nominal and qualitative production expected in the coming years, the optimization of the acid washing unit was inevitable at this point.

He added: Planning for these repairs started in February of last year by identifying the critical points and defective equipment, preparing and supplying the necessary materials and carrying out several months of intensive technical and logistical preparatory work. The main activities performed in this important and effective repair operation are as follows: reconstruction of acid ponds; Optimizing the steam suction system; Design, construction and installation of string basin and washing basin number one; Optimizing the sheet washing system; Modifying and strengthening the structure of acid and washing ponds; input and output loop optimization; Optimizing field bridle board No. 6; Full service of DC motors and TPS panels; Major overhaul of recoveries 1 and 2 and optimization and improvement of X-Ray.

Ahmed Rezaei, the supervisor of acid washing line No. 1 repairs, said: Thanks to the grace of God and the efforts of all related colleagues, these important and fundamental repairs and optimizations, which are unprecedented in terms of volume and extent of work in the past 20 years, play a significant role in the quantitative and qualitative production process of the unit. , was successfully carried out and in addition to the things mentioned by other colleagues, it also included the following achievements: design, construction and installation of the wall of the chantilator basin and washing basin; Optimizing and renovating the acid vapor suction system, which led to a sharp reduction of acid vapors at the unit level; Increasing the satisfaction of colleagues of acid washing unit No. 1 and colleagues of neighboring sites; improving the safety of unit employees; Reducing the corrosion and damage of unit equipment and overhead cranes and increasing the readiness of overhead cranes.

He added: In these repairs, a total of 156 work requests were issued and 30,000 man-hours were completed, including 17,902 man-hours for mechanics, 4,208 man-hours for electricity and automation, 3,100 man-hours for industrial cleaning, 2,620 man-hours for pond metalwork, 460 square meters of rubber and 120 The cubic meter is refractory brick.

Reza Darahaki, head of the cold rolling maintenance and repair process of Mobarakeh steel, said: The annual repairs of acid washing unit number 1 started on July 21 and ended successfully after 15 days. In this process, all planned repair activities were carried out with the cooperation of the local repair forces of the unit, the technical office of the repairs of the cold rolling area, the central repair and maintenance, fire and transportation.

He added: Major repairs and modifications of acid ponds, washing ponds, chantilators, unit structures, welding machine jaws, acid and washing pond pipes, and unit motors were among the most important basic activities that were carried out in the mentioned time period.

Mohammad Reza Devali, the head of Marke steel cold rolling repair technical office, stated: Fortunately, all repair activities were carried out without any human and equipment accidents, which is one of the most important achievements of these repairs considering the volume of activities. During this repair project, the cooperation and empathy of management and employees of all units was exemplary; So that all the planned affairs were done in complete safety according to the predetermined plan.

Mohsen Staki, director of Mobarakeh steel cold products, concluded with the support of the senior management of the organization, the management of the cold rolling area and the cooperation of related managements, including production planning, repairs and central repair shop, purchasing, transportation, fireproofing, technical inspection, public services, urban management, public relations and Also, he sincerely thanked the cold rolling units and especially the efforts of the contractors in various maintenance and industrial cleaning groups.