Date: 11 July 2023 ، the watch 15:17
News ID: 11134
Continuation of the upward trend in the quality of Mubarakeh steel products;

Increasing the quality efficiency of Mobarakeh steel cold products to 96.11%

The Head of Quality Control of Mobarakeh Steel Cold Rolling announced the continuation of the growing trend in the quality of Mobarakeh Steel products and said: the quality efficiency of the company's cold products has increased to 96.11%.

Mohammad Reza Nasr Esfahani stated that the cold rolling area has a special feature due to the variety of production processes and also the variety of products, and said: the products of the cold rolling area include acid washing, tin-plated, cold, galvanized, colored (construction and home appliances) and raw products that Each has specific uses in industries and has special sensitivities in terms of quality.

According to the statement of the Head of Quality Control of Cold Rolling Mobarakeh Steel, in this company, the products produced based on the customer's order and international standards and guidelines are subjected to inspection and quality control, and the result of the inspection is classified as products in accordance with the customer's order or out of order.

Based on this, the calculation of quality efficiency is proposed as an indicator expressing the quality performance of production processes. He stated that the cold rolling area includes different production processes and the calculation of quality efficiency can be calculated for each process as well as for all products, he continued: The quality trend of cold rolling products during the last year and 1402 shows that the quality of the products has gradually improved. And it has reached 96.11% in the middle of July 1402.

Increasing the quality of cold products from 85.75% in April to 93.31% in July

Nasr Esfahani emphasized that the qualitative yield in 1401 was equal to 92.87% and stated: Among the mentioned products, the quality of cold products increased from 85.75% in April to 93.31% in July, which is the highest improvement rate. 

The Head of Cold Rolling Quality Control believes that in general, the increase in quality efficiency occurs as a result of timely identification of quality defects, control of production processes and parameters, readiness of equipment and appropriate repairs, and the growth of quality efficiency in recent months indicates the realization of these things.

In conclusion, Mohammad Reza Nasr Esfahani thanked and appreciated the efforts of all the hardworking managers and employees of Noord Sard District who contributed to achieving this great success, as well as the support of the quality control management and other officials of the production and support units.