Date: 21 April 2024 ، the watch 18:27
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Registering a new record of monthly product production in hot rolling area

Once again, the determination of the management and employees of Mobarakeh steel, especially the hot rolling employees, was determined to realize the production growth strategy and the goals of the organization, and with the production of 513,112 tons of hot coils, it led to a monthly record in April.

According to Me-Metals, the manager of the hot rolling district, after achieving this proud success, said: in the year of "production leap with the participation of the people", the efforts of the production field in the hot rolling district of Mobarakeh Steel, in line with the key goals of the Mobarakeh Steel Company and the country and in sync with other By producing 513 thousand 112 tons of hot coils in April 1403, the districts set a new monthly production record and added another golden leaf to the collection of honors of Mobarakeh Steel Group.

Ali Hajiannejad stated: The previous record of the monthly production of hot rolls in this area was 510 thousand 48 tons and was achieved in May 1402.

He continued: With the beginning of the new year, the colleagues of Hot Rolling District were able to leave a proud record with their spirit and motivation and in a very valuable group work. With the benefit of committed human capital, Mobarakeh Hot Rolling District has always been one of the flagships of production in recent years and has taken great steps in line with the key goals of the company and the country with full capacity. Especially in the past few years, following the imposition of strict sanctions and the change in the country's sheet market, the hot rolling area with its flexibility was able to respond to the needs of the domestic market and by producing all kinds of sheets in difficult and critical dimensions and qualities according to the existing needs, nine tons of production It did not reduce itself, but it has been a leader in the field of production quality.

The manager of the hot rolling district of Mobarakeh Steel mentioned the following factors as the most important reasons for achieving this record: high motivation of human resources; proper and accurate planning of production; performing repair operations with maximum precision in the minimum possible time; increasing equipment readiness; Maximum and very good support of production support units; Optimum planning and preparation of repairs during weekly stops.

HajianNejad congratulated all colleagues, stakeholders and business partners of Mobarakeh Steel Group on this important achievement and thanked and appreciated the support of the senior management of the company, the tireless efforts of all colleagues in Hot Rolling District and the support of other districts and partner contractor companies of this district.

Production of more than 70% of hot coils required by the country in Mobarakeh steel hot rolling line

The manager of the Hot Rolling line also said in the new year, the hardworking colleagues of the Hot Rolling area acted with a firm determination to increase production and improve production records, and along with other areas of Mobarakeh Steel Group, with empathy and continuous efforts, they set a new record in production. The monthly hot rolls were obtained in April 1403.

According to Masoud Nasiri's statement, more than 70% of hot coils needed in the country are currently produced in the hot rolling production line of Mobarakeh Steel. With the management of production processes and repairs and effective expert measures, this line has been moving with its maximum capacity towards the realization of the country's strategic goals for several years and has exceeded its nominal production capacity. The amount of production of this hot rolling line, similar to other lines, is completely dependent on the combination of dimensions and grades of production planning, and in recent years, due to the tendency of orders for hot steel sheets to produce critical dimensions and grades, it is very difficult to achieve production records in Mobarakeh steel hot rolling line.

He added: This proud success, which is the result of empathy and collective effort of colleagues in Hot Rolling district, was achieved while other important indicators, including the safety and quality of Hot Rolling district products, are also in their best condition. Obtaining the top position in the safety performance of the hot rolling area in Mobarakeh Steel and the effort of the area in the production of quality coils needed by the country's strategic units are examples of this.

In the end, the director of Hot Rolling line congratulated all the employees of the company on this valuable success and thanked and appreciated the day and night efforts of colleagues of hot rolling district and the effective support of other districts and contractor companies of this district.