Date: 20 May 2024 ، the watch 13:40
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Condolence message from the CEO of Sangan Steel following the martyrdom of Ayatollah Raisi, the President and his companions

In a message, Ali Amraei, CEO of Sangan Steel, expressed his condolences on the martyrdom of Ayatollah Raisi, the President and his companions.

According to me-metals: The text of the message is as follows:

 in the name of God

Islamic Iran is the great birthplace of free men and women who consider divine piety and serving the people as their essence. Martyr Ayatollah Seyed Ibrahim Raisi, the revolutionary president, was an outstanding example of God's men who dedicated his entire life, especially during his presidency, to serving the great nation of Iran.A pious man whose mystical prayers, honest service and his loving ascension immortalized his name forever in the history of this land and border. Truly, what reward is higher than martyrdom for the servant of a nation, and what honor is higher than ascending to the highest kingdom with his hardworking and jihadist companions, the revolutionary minister of foreign affairs, martyr Dr. Hossein Amirabdollahian, who was a man in the field of politics and his valuable services in the history of the country's politics will be remembered What a blessed life he spent with his martyred comrade Lieutenant General Hajj Qassem Soleimani and serving Imam Rauf, Hazrat Ali bin Al-Musa al-Reza (a.s.), and what a heavenly return he had while serving the great nation of Iran.

The unfortunate and shocking incident of the martyrdom of the revolutionary president and his companions wounded the heart of the great nation of Iran. On behalf of the great Foulad Sangan family, the martyrdom of the revolutionary president, Khadim al-Reza (a.s.) and Seyyed al-Shohdai Khemit, Martyr Ayatollah Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi and the hard-working and jihadist Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, Martyr Dr. Hossein AmirAbdollahian, the respected Friday Imam of Tabriz, Martyr Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Ali Al Hashem, the late and young Governor of East Azerbaijan, Martyr Dr. Malik Rahmati, and a group of servants of the Islamic Republic system, I offer my condolences to the Supreme Leader, the great nation of Iran, and the grieving families of these high-ranking martyrs, and from the presence of God, may God bless him Sayyid al-Shaheda Imam Hussain (AS) pray for those nobles.

Ali Amrai, CEO of Sangan Steel Mining Industries Co., Khorasan