Date: 06 November 2023 ، the watch 04:21
News ID: 11211

First National Competition of Gem Cutting Skills Held by IMIDRO Sponsorship

The National Competition of Gem- Cutting Skills was held by IMIDRO for the first time in Ferdows county with the presence of 16 skilled domestic judges.

According to the report of Public Relations of IMIDRO, this event was held by Iran’s Gemstone Industry Development Department (one of IMIDRO’s subsidiaries) and cooperation of National and International Skill Competition Department of Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization and General Directorate of South Khorasan Technical and Vocational Training.

72 participants from several provinces in the fields of cabochon cutting, facet cutting, and carving gem cutting in two preliminary and final stages (face-to-face) attended the competition.

There was a significant welcome from gemstone industry activists to participate in the competition, and finally, 40 competitors participated in the cabochon cutting field, 18 competitors in the carving field, and 14 competitors in the facet field.

Likewise, besides the competition 6 specialized gemstone industry webinars were held.
The first national competition on gem-cutting skills was held from October 31 to November 2 with the sponsorship of IMIDRO in Ferdows county.

Source: IMIDRO