Date: 19 September 2023 ، the watch 14:30
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Gasoline consumption hits new record high in Iran

The managing director of National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) announced that the record of gasoline consumption in the country was broken by registering the consumption of 137 million liters of gasoline per day, at the same time as the intercity traffic increased in the last days of summer.

Stating that the record of daily gasoline consumption in the last days of Shahrivar (the last month of summer in the Iranian calendar year) has been broken at the same time as inter-city and intra-city traffic has increased, especially in the northern and northeastern regions of the country, Ali-Akbar Nejad-Ali said that it is while the average consumption of gasoline since the beginning of Shahrivar (August 23) this year has been 122 million liters.

In mid-August, Oil Minister Javad Oji also said that there are currently 4,400 active gas stations across the country.
“This year, we have had a nearly seven percent increase in traffic compared to last year, and the average daily gasoline consumption has been 17-20 million liters more than the same period last year,” Oji said.
The minister noted that despite the increase in consumption there is no concern about fuel supply.
Gasoline storage in the country has been 150 million liters more than last year’s same period, he said.

Touching upon the condition of fuel supply to the country’s power plants, the official said for the first time in the country, five billion liters of liquid fuel have been stored in power plants, adding that this storage includes three billion liters of diesel and two billion liters of fuel oil.
Stating that the storage of fuel in the country is favorable and the export of diesel has started since last month, the oil minister noted that the construction of the Pars pipeline (Mehraran-Fasa-Shiraz pipeline) has been approved by the Supreme Economic Council and its construction will begin soon.

Source: Tehran Times