Date: 19 September 2023 ، the watch 14:26
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5 freeways, 4 railways to be inaugurated by March 2024

The managing director of Iran's Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company (CDTIC) announced that five freeways with a length of 293 kilometers and four railways will be inaugurated in the country by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2024).

Kheirollah Khademi said the average freeway construction in the country is 86 kilometers per year, and with these operations, freeways have been built nearly three times the annual average.
Stating that four projects with a length of 407 kilometers are under construction in the railway sector, he added: “The average construction of railway lines was 200 kilometers per year, and if these projects are put into operation, we have built double the annual average of railway lines.”

Some 300 kilometers of highways and main roads have been inaugurated across Iran on the occasion of Government Week (August 24-30), an official with the Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructure Company has announced.

“On the occasion of Government Week, 300 kilometers of roads and highways went operational in the west, south and east of the country with the aim of developing international transit and promoting tourism in different provinces,” Mohammadreza Kadkhoda-Zadeh said.
According to the official, over 750 kilometers of highways, main roads, and freeways are also going to be completed by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (late March 2024), IRNA reported.
“The physical progress of most of the transportation projects underway is above 70 percent and these projects are of great importance in terms of organizing traffic in various provinces,” Kadkhoda-Zadeh said.
The official put the investment needed for completing the mentioned projects at about 180 trillion rials (about $361 million).

Source: Tehran Times