Date: 18 August 2023 ، the watch 12:33
News ID: 11158
It was announced during the visit of the head of Imidro's board of directors to Mobarakeh Steel:

Movasaghinia:Hot rolling project No. 2 and 914 MW Mobarakeh Steel power plant; It is one of the national flagship projects/ Mobarakeh's performance in some fields is in line with global technologies.

The Deputy Minister of Mining Industry and Trade and the Chairman of Imidro's Board of Directors announced: Major and national super projects in Mobarakeh Steel such as Warm rolling project No. 2 and 914 MW power plant are being implemented, each of which has a significant impact on the development of the steel industry and energy supply.

Mohammad Reza Movasaghinia, who visited Mobarakeh steel production lines along with Imidro's deputies and managers, added: Hot rolling line No. 2 and the 914 MW power plant project are among the flagship projects of this complex.

He said: Hot rolling project No. 2 will be put into operation as soon as possible with the efforts of the managers of this group and other factors, so that the country will not need to import many products.

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade stated that Mobarakeh steel has also taken effective measures in the areas of optimal use of energy and water resources and stated: The progress of the development projects in Mobarakeh Steel, including the construction of a 914 MW power plant, is significant and soon the phase First, this power plant enters the circuit.

He added: This project will not only reduce the load on the network, but will also make Mobarakeh steel unnecessary to depend on the electricity of the national grid, and at the same time, with the operation of this power plant, conditions will be provided that the company will not stop due to the shortage and limitations of the field. Energy can continue to work with strength.

The head of Imidro's board of directors said: "The visit to Mubarakeh Steel is a good proof that effective measures have been taken in the fields of production and development of the steel industry in the last few years." Especially the fact that in some cases this steelmaker is moving in line with global technology.

I have to say; Mohammadreza Movasaghinia, the head of Imidro's board of directors, during this trip, with the presence of two of the unknown martyrs of the holy defense buried in this company in Mazar-e-Sharif; He paid tribute to the martyrs and in his speech said: Today's success of the country is due to the blood of precious martyrs of eight years of holy defense and martyrs defending the shrine.