Date: 08 August 2023 ، the watch 18:11
News ID: 11153

Implementation of 39 Mining and Mining Industries Projects by IMIDRO Leadership

IMIDRO is implementing 39 Mining and Mining industries’ projects directly or with cooperation of private sector now.

According to the report of Public Relations of IMIDRO, IMIDRO set these 39 projects with worth over 1440 billion Tomans and $ 4.5 Billion investments in order to develop mines and Mining industries sector.
These projects include steel chain, aluminum chain and infrastructures projects.

Furthermore, two DRI plants in Kurdistan Steel Complex, alumina production, infrastructures of Lamerd and Parsian Special Economic Zones, infrastructure affairs of Mining regions of private sector, phase 2 of Zarshouran Gold Complex, Kahnuj Titanium and Khur and Biabanak calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide production are some of IMIDRO’s projects.
Meanwhile, some other projects are in tender or study phases.

Source: Tehran Times