Date: 13 June 2023 ، the watch 15:37
News ID: 11131

Construction of a 600 megawatt power plant in the next two months

The CEO of Mobarakeh Seel said: About 15 months ago, the construction of the 914 MW combined cycle power plant of this company has started and by the beginning of summer, it will bring about 600 MW of new electricity to the grid.

Mohammad Yaser Tayebnia, CEO of Mobarakeh Steel, in response to the question that last year, what was the effect of the electricity restrictions on the production in the steel industry?

He added: Last year, in the field of electricity and gas, the steel industry had energy restrictions, and the restrictions in the gas field were more than in previous years.

He said: With the planning that took place last year, we were among the limited groups that, despite the reduction in electricity and gas delivery during 3 months, we were still able to use 100% of the capacity throughout the year.

The CEO of Mobarake Steeladded: By managing electricity consumption during the peak hours of the day, we were able to minimize the losses caused by outages, and this year restrictions have also started, but we hope to minimize the losses caused by this issue with better management.

Saying that we are constructing 100 megawatts of electricity from a wind power plant in Khaf region, Tayebnia said: By operating these two power plants, the production of about 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year will be prevented, and with the plans that done, in the next one to two years, we will not only have no power outages, but we will also provide electricity to the grid.