Date: 28 August 2023 ، the watch 23:59
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The CEO of Rasta Progress and Development Accelerator stated;

The new model of social responsibilities of Foulad Mobarakeh based on the regional development method

The CEO of Rasta Progress and Development Accelerator said: "The new model of social responsibilities of Foulad Mubarakeh was designed and implemented based on the regional development method.

Mohammad Ali Jafari, CEO of Rasta Development Accelerator and Development Company, stated: Mobarakeh Steel, as a large industry, has followed up its social responsibilities throughout the country in the past years, and in the past two years, it has defined a special work for a number of villages in Isfahan province in the form of a pilot. .

The CEO of Rasta Company added: Considering the problems in the considered villages, institutional studies were conducted in order to become the main player in the Progress and development of the region by forming a Progress and development center in each village, by writing a comprehensive document for the village. In this document, which was written with the support of the people, a system of problems has been identified, and so far, good measures have been taken in the two fields of business and culture.

 He said: In this regard, the Rasta Accelerator, with the support of this large industrial group, implemented a new model of social responsibility in various dimensions, one of which is the empowerment of rural people in various fields.

Stating that this model was designed and implemented in three social, cultural and employment sectors, Jafari clarified: holding various training courses, visits, counseling sessions, facilitation, competition, acceleration, side events and various other programs were held around this system of issues. And this means training people to start working for a big and transformative movement.

He continued: With this incident, trained people become the drivers of their field in the region and, in a sense, they start their work as a trained specialist trainer. The CEO of Rasta Company added: Handicrafts and modern agriculture are among the businesses that are considered in the social responsibility of Mobarake Steel.

Jafari pointed out that in line with social responsibility, a trial festival was held in some villages of Isfahan this year, and said: In the social sector, the compilation of 74 documents of progress and rural development, the formation and training of more than 30 cooperative local micro-funds, the start of work for more than 50 participatory rural micro-projects were carried out and more than 800 people were identified and organized in the form of ambassadors and local leaders and rural development centers.

He stated: In the employment sector, creating 130 job networks in the priority areas of the region, holding more than 3,000 hours of training and support for economic activists in the region, identifying 21 regional development factors, creating more than 200 new jobs in the region, empowering and supporting more than 4 thousand farmers and ranchers with the aim of increasing productivity in livestock and agriculture and assisting in the revival of more than 30 influential aqueducts in the region is the result of our efforts in recent months.The CEO of Rasta Progress Accelerator and Development Company stated: These measures, which were carried out as a pilot, should be implemented throughout the country, especially in the places where Mobarake Steel Group companies operate, as a new model in the practice of social responsibilities.