Date: 28 July 2023 ، the watch 17:52
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Parsian, Iran’s Main Gateway for Export & Import of Mining and Mining Industries’ Products

Parsian,Hormozgan, June 6, IMIDRO_ Parsian port will be the main gateway for export & import of mining and mining Industries’ products in Iran, managing director of Parsian Energy Intensive Special Economic Zone announced.

According to the report of Public relations of IMIDRO, Parsian Port, located in the Parsian Energy-Intensive Special Economic Zone, southern Hormozgan province, is projected to be the main gateway for importing raw materials and exporting products related to mining and petrochemical industries,Ali-Asghar Allameh, the managing director of Parsian Energy Intensive Special Economic Zone said.

The port will be the first and largest port in Iran that will meet the needs for loading and unloading raw materials and products for the four major energy-intensive industries, namely petrochemicals, steel, aluminum, and cement in the region, he added.
According to the market and feasibility studies, the port will have a nominal capacity of about 40 million tons per year.It will be comprised of 19 berths for commodities, dry bulk, bulk liquids, and container goods. Buoyancy capacity is about 6,000 containers, 70,000 tons of commodities, and 100,000 tons of dry bulk with a maximum draft depth of 17 meters, Allameh continued.
Inauguration of first phase

The first phase of the port, which includes 1,500 meters of water breaker and four berths with a capacity of loading and unloading of about 9 million tons of goods per year, has been inaugurated, the managing director of Parsian Energy Intensive Special Economic Zone declared.
The development plan has envisaged building 11 berths for commodities, one berth for bulk liquids, one berth for general cargo/container goods, one container berth, and five berths for dry bulk, he noted.
Necessary permissions have been received from the Department of Environment for establishing a water desalination plant with a capacity of 280 liters per second, Allameh said.
Investment opportunities

The most important opportunities for investment include the production of petrochemicals, production of steel parts, production of aluminum, and production of alumina. The investment opportunity is also provided for building combined-cycle power plants, and desalination plants, he added.
Meanwhile, creating an industrial park for steel, petrochemical, and aluminum industries; building water storage facilities and reservoirs; constructing rail and road terminals; establishing an industrial park for small industries; building technical service and support units; and constructing hotels and tourist accommodation complexes are some development projects in the downstream sector, Allameh said.
Generally speaking, the main advantages of investment in special zones are the possibility of importing goods that are exempted from customs duties; the exemption of customs duties for supplying goods manufactured in the special zone to the mainland in contrast to the value-added products and the materials used by the domestic market; and the possibility of transiting and re-exporting of goods without any limitations, he noted.

From other advantages, it can be referred to the possibility of making investments by both Iranian and foreign entities; tax exemptions; facilitated banking, monetary, and currency exchange affairs; and easy regulations for recruiting foreign nationals, managing director of Parsian Energy Intensive Special Economic Zone added.