Date: 09 August 2022 ، the watch 16:35
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The comprehensive economic cooperation document between Iran and Belarus will be finalized and signed within the next year, Iran’s Industry, Mine and Trade Minister said.

According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, the 15th Iran-Belarus Joint Economic Committee meeting was held on 28-29July 2022 in Minsk, headed by Fatemi Amin, Iranian Industry, Mine and Trade Minister. He noted that the aim of this trip is identifying areas of joint cooperation in production of machinery and industrial equipment. So, production of Iranian cars, transit and joint production of dump trucks is one of the joint cooperation areas.

Fatemi Amin reminded: Iran has higher potentials in the field of pharmaceuticals than Belarus although Belarus has a very big share of the global market in industrial and mining machinery sector.
Likewise, he pointed out that Iran and Belarus economies complement each other. So, Iran is ready to develop economic ties in the field of Industrial machinery, lasers, electronics and medicine.
Iranian Industry, Mine and Trade Minister emphasized that in the field of industry and mines we have a large volume of metal extraction and exploitation in Iran. So, one of the main goal that we proceed is development of industrial machinery production especially in mining and microelectronics industries.

Belarus eager to import and export machineries
In this meeting, the Industry Minister of Belarus, expressing interest in trade exchange with Iran, said: we hope to achieve understandings about export and import of equipment and machinery during this trip.
Industry, medicine and medical equipment agreements
During this trip and the 15th Joint Economic Cooperation Commission of Iran and Belarus, several agreements in the fields of Industry, medicine and medical equipment were signed between these two countries.
On the other hand, Fatemi Amin and Industry Minister of the Belarus on the sidelines of the meeting, visited Blaz Company, the manufacturer of heavy mining machinery in Belarus.

Source: IMIDRO